This here page is for figgerin’ out what you want to spend yer hard earned Bounty Points on.

Depending on what you want to do it may take varying amounts of time to get done. So if you’re looked at a sizable change, it might not happen immediately. And sometimes it may cost a little cash and/or some justification (such as finding a teacher).


Die Type: 3x the new die type

Trait Level: 2x the new level


New Aptitude: 1 point

Aptitude Level: same as the new level (i.e. Shootin’ 3 to 4 costs 4 Bounty Points)

Expert Aptitudes: If you have a 5 in an Aptitude you’re considered an expert in the field. Raising an aptitude above that level costs double every time. (level 6 costs 12, level 7 costs 14, etc)

Edges & Hindrances

Both of these require heavy roleplaying justifications.

Buying off a Hindrance: 2x the original points gained

New Edge: 3x the Edge’s cost


New Hexes: 5 points (plus the necessary research or teacher)

New Trick: 2 points (plus 2 nights of studying)


When a Blessed raises the higher of their faith or professional: theology they also gain a new miracle.

New Miracles: 5 points (plus a day of prayer & meditation; faith (7) roll)

New Gift: May gain in place of a new miracle (same process)


Deadlands: Back In The Saddle biznich