Deadlands: Back In The Saddle

Back In The Saddle

The year is 1876, but the history is not our own.

Our story starts inside a nameless saloon that finds itself in a boomtown that never was. A nearby strike quickly played out and those who could moved away, those that remain barely make it day to day on the sheer luck that the town is situated near a popular trail for those headed West through the Rockies.

Chester “Chet” McGinty sits by himself at a table going through the practiced motions of various card tricks and shuffling techniques that are obviously second nature to the man. The Englishman wears a black suit and white shirt, immediately setting him apart from the other patrons of the saloon. He pauses on occasion from his work to take a sip from a shot of whiskey.

Johnathan Slade a rough and tumble man, bounty hunter by trade, sits at the bar staring into his drink. The tall, well muscled man stares into the cracked mirror in front of him and wonders where he’s going to manage to find a bounty anytime soon. Seeing that he’s down to his last forty cents, having spent the remains of his last catch on liquor and getting new shoes for his trusty “steed”: “Lightnin’”

Several seats down from Slade sits Kate, back to the bar watching those coming and going from the dusty saloon. The young girl, pauses every now and then to take a swig from her drink.

Professor Albert Bly sits at a table with a pair of townfolk, talking a mile a minute attempting to explain his inventions to them and seeing if they would be interested in investing in them. As he puts it “I want to Build the Future … unfortunately I cannot finance it alone!”

Every now and then a voice from the street corner outside drifts its way into the saloon. It belongs to Stewart a less than reputable dealer of cure-alls. Dressed in a fine suit that tells the passerby his concoctions work so well he’s doing them a mere favor by allowing them to purchase them at such a reasonable price.

  • Posse talked with the obviously inept Town Marshal who hired them ($10/day and $25/outlaw returned) to stop the Clarkson gang from dynamiting the trestle of a Denver-Pacific railway that passes nearby
  • Posse rode out to the mountain pass

Chet used his Shadow Walk hex to cross the distance to the dynamite quickly, but had to Shadow Walk away as the wicks burnt down

Kate rode like the wind across the hazardous terrain of the railway bridge to the other side

Stewart, Professor Bly and Slade engaged the outlaw gang in a gunfight



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